powow-999    The 7th annual Spring Odessa Powwow was held this first weekend in February in Odessa, FL.  Hundreds of folks gathered to watch and participate in this event presented by the Spirit People Intertribal Family, Inc.

There were vendors offering native crafts, as well as educational booths and exhibits of native American history.

On Saturday, there was an auction of crafts and jewelery that led up to the highlight of the day, the Grand Entrance .

A moving prayer was offered by Terrell Anquoe to open the ceremony, then the Grand Entrance began to the haunting, yet soothing, singing and drumming of the Red Bird Singers.

The procession began with an honoring of America`s veterans by the descendants of true Americans, it was a ceremony filled with honor, respect and a pride that was reinforced with every beat of the drummers, every call of the singers.

There were native dancers performing ancient steps in the full regalia of their ancestors, with the plaintive song of the tribes punctuating the sunny day.

These proud native Americans showcased their history and ongoing service to their Country, as well as their Countrymen in Odessa, FL.  on that sunny Saturday.

For additional information about this, as well as upcoming Spirit People events, contact Robert at 727-495-3791

For full photo & video coverage of this event click here :  http://www.starznbarz.com/2013ODESSAPOWWOW



  1. Hi Rick..Tried to post a comment a few minutes ago and it disappeared.
    Here it is again

    We posted a small comment the other day after viewing the still photos.

    Just finished viewing the video….AWESOME..WHAT A GREAT JOB…

    We were so glad you were able to come and film this wonderful
    event. You captured the spirit and heartfelt feelings of these
    wonderful and special people..Through your photos and video we felt
    the GREAT SPIRIT smiling down on everyone.

    Thanks again,
    James & Connie

  2. As a member of the Native Nations Museum and the Carrier of the USA Flag in grand entry I would like to thank you for the great write up and the awesume pictures. As one who is one in both worlds (native and white, being of Scottish and Choctaw heratiage) you have showm the tru feelings of our Pow Wows. I thank you muchly.

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