Are you aware your county sheriff will be the first line of defense against any unconstitutional attempt by federal agents to infringe upon your second amendment right to possess arms?

Your county sheriff is elected and sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, as well as the rights of the citizens in the county that vote them into office.

Do you know your county sheriff ?  Do you know where they stand on upholding the Constitutional rights of the citizens they serve ?

In my county in Florida, I contacted the sheriffs office and submitted a short list of questions to be answered and published here, I would strongly encourage readers to copy these questions and submit them to your local sheriff.

Here are the questions and the answers that were returned to me, there has been no editing, questions and answers are exactly as they were sent and received :

 1) At least 230 Sheriffs and 3 State Sheriff Associations across the Country, including the FSA, (proclamation 2013-1) have made public statements that they will not violate their oath to uphold the Constitution, including the second amendment, they have further stated they will not enforce any federal order they consider unconstitutional, nor will they allow federal agents to enter their Counties to enforce federal restrictions/confiscation of legal weapons from lawful residents of their Counties. Does Sheriff Nocco agree with that position and has he/will he publicly acknowledge it?

2) What is Sheriff Nocco`s position regarding the confiscation of legal firearms from law abiding citizens during an emergency as was done in new Orleans after hurricane Katrina?

 3) What is Sheriff Nocco`s position on Florida`s Stand Your Ground statute?

4) Does Sheriff Nocco believe that a legally armed, responsible citizen is the best defense against violent criminals?

 5) Does Sheriff Nocco believe that an armed officer, and/or  trained, armed school personnel is the best defense against an armed criminal in a public school? If not, what does he think is the best way to defend students in an active shooter situation?

Here are the answers that were received :

1 & 4. Sheriff Nocco will follow his oath. The Sheriff defends the U.S. Constitution and the right for citizens to have and bear arms. Unfortunately, the root cause of the majority of the mass shootings we have faced as a nation appears to be due mainly to a lack of a response by our nation to properly address mental illness.

2. In June of 2012 Pasco County had serious flooding as a result of Tropical Storm Debby, while it was nothing near the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Sheriff Nocco says he would like to think we would respond much the same way we responded to Debby. Deputies were very respectful of individual’s property and we spent a great deal of time helping citizens of Pasco County. Our main focus was to warn citizens about the impending flooding, trying to save lives and property not confiscating individual’s property.

3. Regarding questions about state laws the Sheriff will enforce the laws of the state and the state Constitution. He does not oppose the current law.

5. Sheriff Nocco does not comment specifically about our techniques to secure Pasco County Schools. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office will work closely with the Pasco School District to ensure the safety of the students and employees. We have many School Resource Officers in our schools who are trained to deal with any threat. We are continually reviewing our safety plans with the school district to make sure we are up to date on all safety procedures and the latest techniques. We do not publicize the details of these procedures to prevent them from being used against the occupants of the schools, buses and facilities they are designed to protect. Sheriff Nocco assure the public the PSO will do whatever necessary to keep the safety of our schools. However, the first line of defense is physical security measures.

I know this sheriff, we have covered him at several community events, as well as spoken with him on a couple of occasions, I trust him to do his job.

You should make the effort to meet your county sheriff and find out where they stand on this vitally important issue – if your local sheriff will not stand up to federal incursion of your God given, natural rights, you should know before that day comes.

Go meet your sheriff, it will be good for you – and for the sheriff, they need to know where you stand as well.

Here is a great source of information :

Have you seen this information reported in the main stream press? Would you think it was newsworthy?

Why do you think it`s not being reported?

After you hear from your county sheriff, contact your local media and ask them why THEY did`nt provide that info.



  1. Thank you for doing your job and contacting you local Sheriff. if every Sheriff had Citizens who would keep them honest and support them when needed, we’d be preserving our Freedom!

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