There was a benefit event for a local, rural DAV chapter last Saturday. The chapter, like most non profit military service organizations, is struggling financially.

We covered one of the issues that particular chapter was dealing with here:

The Brooksville chapter of the DAV provides services to between 800 to 1000 disabled veterans a year.

There were no funds for advertising the benefit, so a few local folks started to put the word out, flyers were printed and distributed to local bike shops, harley dealers and biker/military bars in a three county area were visited.

Six of the largest military bike clubs in the area were contacted directly, military social clubs, groups were given flyers.

Two local bands stepped up,                                                                                      Southern Marie -                                                  Azzitizz -

The folks in these bands gave up their Saturday, drove themselves to the site, set up their equipment and played from 3 PM till 9 PM -  they simply showed up and donated their time and talent to help people from their community that needed it, they asked nothing in return.

A few other folks from the community showed up to help, James and Connie from ShadowHawk , a local firearm, survival & recreational gear small business, worked for weeks to help get the word out, as well as providing items to be raffled off. These are true Americans that support their community -You can find them here:    James can be seen speaking at the Florida Guns Across America event here :!i=2333472581&k=bvWfptv

Rick, from the NRA, set up an information booth, as did Deb from the second amendment club, found here :

Many items were donated for the raffles, two exceptional hand made quilts valued over $600.00 were offered to be auctioned. All the proceeds, 100 %, were to go to the DAV, all donations gathered from hot dogs, drinks, and a percentage of vendor sales were to be donated as well.

The first band was set up and ready, the grill was being prepped, a table was covered with many items ready to be raffled – two hours after the event began, you could count on both hands the number of people that were there, most of them friends of the band and the few vendors that had shown up.

As the afternoon wore on it was obvious no one was coming to support a community event to benefit local veterans in need- none of the military social clubs, nor any of the local veterans bike clubs that were contacted sent anyone.

The few folks that did show were not quitters, they and both bands stayed and played for hours in that mostly empty parking lot.

The raffles were held – with only a few participants, the odds of winning were pretty good.

We documented another military event  a while back that we noticed the general public apparently did`nt have the time, or inclination to attend and show local support for veterans in their community, that story here :

Are we, as a community too busy, too distracted, or simply too lazy, to show support for our local community veterans support groups?

Are we just not aware that these events are going on in our community? – On a side note, I personally contacted ALL local media outlets, including two local radio personalities of the biggest “conservative, military friendly” local AM radio station about putting the flyer up on their PERSONAL social media sites – none replied, and with the exception of the Hernando Times, none would post the flyer.

I would like to believe that no one showed up due to situations beyond their control – I don`t believe that, but I would like to.

That the public could`nt seem to make it out to support this cause is one thing, that none of the military groups showed up is another. I don`t know why they ignored this event – none of them responded to the contacts that were sent out.

Is this really us? Have we become so disgusted with our government and situations that seem to be so far removed from us that we don`t seem to have any control, so we just don`t care?

Is this us? If so, I guess we can just send the notice to Washington that Obama has won, has overwhelmed us to the point we don`t give a damn about anything, or anybody but ourselves  – they can go ahead and send Reid and Pelosi to come around and rub our bellies because we have just rolled over and given up.

Is This Really Us?

Here is a link to photos & video of the fine folks that stood up.

Want to help the Brooksville chapter of the DAV? Here is the contact info : DAV 16314 cortez Blvd. Brooksville, FL. 34601   352-585-6653

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