Do you remember when we, as a nation, decided to accept the premise that our leaders were elected to promote – and in the case of Barack Obama, force THEIR agenda on American citizens?

I have read many articles in the MSM that bemoan the fact Barack Obama is having trouble forwarding his agenda,  that his “legacy” may be in jeopardy due to a few “extremist” house and senate members that simply refuse to sit down and shut up – to simply allow him to implement HIS ideology on our Country.

We have come to accept that the Constitution and the rule of law, are things to be  skirted, to find a way around, if it suits the people who speak the loudest, the folks that even though in the minority in numbers, philosophy and ideology, have the press to announce, mock and proclaim that we who call for less government, more Constitutional adherence, are somehow the extreme fringe of our society.

Do you remember when we, as a nation decided that was alright?  Was it during the Bush years, when our president stood on the pile of rubble in N.Y. and announced to the world we would hunt the murderers down, then used it as an opportunity to pass the patriot act?

Was it when Americans were murdered in Benghazi and we were told it was OUR fault because the 1st amendment allowed a video to be aired?

Was it when Barack Obama used a treasonous press and a marxist/socialist tactic to simply overwhelm our Constitutional and free market system to not only get his ideology passed, but to use the press to demonize American citizens that simply call for adherence to Constitutional law?

Was it when the administration and it`s radical, leftist enablers realized that if you overwhelm the system, most of it`s opposition would simply be quiet to ensure their next election?

A true patriot died yesterday, a person that not only fought for freedom, but one that refused to go quietly away when times were hard, one who stood and spoke plainly for the natural, God given rights of a free people. That patriot was not an American, but her ideology could not be more American, more Constitutional.

Can we say the same of ourselves today?

Here are a few quotes of the Iron Lady,  British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher -

” Unless we change our ways and our direction, our greatness as a nation will soon be a footnote in the history books, a distant memory of an offshore island, lost in the mists of time like Camelot, remembered kindly for its noble past.”

“We want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. This is what we mean by a moral society; not a society where the state is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for the state.”

“And what a prize we have to fight for: no less than the chance to banish from our land the dark divisive clouds of Marxist socialism.”

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite characteristic of them.”

Madam Prime Minister, we celebrate your strength, your contribution to America – please apologize to President Reagan and every patriot sitting at the table with you today for us allowing the  decline of freedom in America.

It is said during the American Revolution that only 3% of the population supported the  revolution, I think the percentage is a little higher today, but not much.

Shame on us.



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  1. Very well thought out. Sound reasoning. Await Sen. Rubio’s answer. Will be real disappointed if he doesn’t answer personally. Not one of his staff with some indirect, nonsensical answer.

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