I listened to the Senator from my State, Marco Rubio, speak about the immigration legislation that he, as well as seven other Senators are drafting.

I have covered Senator Rubio on many occasions, both before and after he was elected to the Senate. I have met him a couple of times, more importantly, I have watched him when he was backstage with no cameras or microphones, I believe him to be an honorable man, who sincerely fears for the future of this Nation.

Senator Rubio made a good, common sense narrative of the stark reality of illegal immigration, you cannot round up and deport millions of people – just not gonna happen.

The outline of the proposed legislation sounds reasonable, illegals must come forward, pay a fine,  prove you are employed, pass a background check, wait more than 10 years to APPLY for citizenship……. O.K. , I`m interested in reading that draft legislation.

But, no one, NONE of the “journalists” interviewing the Senator, nor Mr. Rubio himself, even brought up the obvious follow up question to the twice touted policy of “not eligible for ANY government assistance for 10 years”  Senator, what about the children ?

Children born in America are U.S. citizens by birthright. U.S. citizens are eligible for a myriad of welfare programs that now are literally cradle to grave, with a free cell phone thrown in.

Senator, what about the children?  conservative numbers have the population of illegals at around 11 million, using that number is it reasonable to assume that half of the illegals are in a position to procreate?  Lets say 5 million,   what if we cut that number in half  that actually produce one child per year? We`re at a conservative number of 2 million or so newborn U.S. citizens PER YEAR, for 10 years….. do the math.

The point is, that is a big `ol bagfull of money for food, housing, ,healthcare and education that is being spent for rewarding illegal acts, it is that simple.

You see, the other alternative Senator Rubio pointed out is that to apply for citizenship without paying the fine, back taxes, etc. , is to return to your native Country, apply and wait 10 years to get a green card.  How do you think the government welfare programs of Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, or ANY middle Eastern Country will compare to American welfare benefits?  Where do suppose the illegals would prefer to wait out the 10 years?

I am sending a request for a statement regarding this issue to Senator Rubio`s office, I will post whatever reply I get to this article as an update.



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