Jack " Breakdown " Sellers III  1947 - 2013

   Jack “Breakdown” Sellers III
1947 – 2013

I had the honor to be asked to photograph the Wreaths Across America event last year,  I was told to contact Jack at the staging area, he would give me all the info I needed to cover the event.

It was the first and last time I would meet and spend too little time with this quietly outstanding American Patriot.

I did`nt know Jack well, but there are people that you meet and  know instinctively they are a cut above,  Jack was one of them……..

I heard them before I saw them.

The low rumble turned to a visual of the red and blue flashing lights of the front row of  the local law enforcement Harley Davidson motor units that led the hundreds of motorcycles that escorted the black hearse into the gates of Florida National Cemetery at Bushnell, FL.

Video here -  http://www.starznbarz.com/Military/AN-AMERICAN-PATRIOTS-FINAL/29645726_DXhd8m#!i=2537223905&k=XRZqVwB

There were many other vehicles in that long line of Jack`s family, brothers and friends that came to honor this Americans life and legacy.

Jack was a Marine who served in Vietnam, he was a son, a  father and a grandfather, he was a brother to hundreds and an advocate for thousands. He was the SO to his SO.

Jack was the co-founder of Wreaths Across America in Florida, it was his passion and his mission.  On his watch, the ceremony at the Florida National Cemetery went from under 100 participants in the first year to the thousands that came to honor fallen veterans by the laying of 6000 wreaths at Bushnell last year – it would be Jack`s last year to speak at that ceremony.

Video of Jack`s comments at the 2012 Wreaths Across America here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTtDDLNYDR0

Jack`s remarks begin at 4:30 – the complete video is a must watch.

Photo coverage of the 2012 Bushnell Wreaths Across America here:    http://www.starznbarz.com/Military/2012-WREATHS-ACROSS-AMERICA/27117836_krcSF7#!i=2277864964&k=FK3rftW


This Nation was conceived, founded, built, defended and exists today solely because of    men  like Jack. There is no replacement for courage, conviction, valor and honor – Jack  possessed those traits, the men and women he touched showed up on the Saturday before Memorial day to honor those American values and the man that lived them.

This year, Wreaths Across America at Bushnell will go on, my guess is it will be bigger than last year, Jack  won`t be speaking, but he will be there – as men like him always are.

RIP Jack “Breakdown” Sellers III

Job well done.


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