It will begin tomorrow, the national media are firmly entrenched in Sanford, FL.  I have heard, but cannot confirm, that the media elite have named it ” Fort Smokescreen”.

I prefer, “operation sideshow”.

The barkers have mounted the podium, top hat and bottle of snake oil in hand,  “Ladiieess and Gentlemen,  progressives and radical racists ( yes YOU, NBPP) , prepare to be amazed and astounded……….”

The George Zimmerman sideshow is about to begin with jury selection tomorrow, conviction and execution date will be announced by the most Reverend`s Al and Jesse, as soon as their “show up”  checks clear.

The teasers are already airing on MSM, informing the least informed of what to pay attention to for the next couple months, it will be the next trial of the decade, THE thing to talk and text about.

In the words of that wonderful, compassionate American Stateswoman, Hillary Rodham Clinton – ” …what difference, at this point, does it make…”   Answer:  for this administration, at this time, it will make all the difference in the world, they need the MSM to stop telling people the government is wildly out of control.

Nothing like a good old fashioned tabloid “O.J.” style national misdirection opportunity to do exactly that.

Let`s review, just to be sure we`re on the same page – The national media will now focus (like a laser) on a 2nd degree murder trial in a relatively small Florida town because it raises a question of national racial and gun control issues.(according to them)

They are the professionals in the media business, there must be a legitimate reason they have not and will not focus on the MULTIPLE murders that take place in Chicago every day – no , really, don`t question their motives regarding the non coverage of what is obviously only a City /State issue….what did you say, isn`t the Zimmerman case a City /State issue?   Shut up, racist.

So, here is the deal, the Zimmerman trial will be the new subject of national debate, you will not invest any of your time and thought into the old news of :

Fast & Furious murders and lies

Benghazi murders and lies.

IRS targeting of  select Americans based on political belief.

Federal government seizing and storing private e-mails, phone numbers and conversation.


That is all old news, the President has said no one is listening to your phone calls, silly patriot.

Everyone knows the President does`nt lie – he said so when Joe Wilson brought it up, we know how that turned out.

Wait,  That may not be the best example…………

O.K. , how about this one – the President stated” Obamacare is not a tax”

what? Oh yeah, his lawyer DID say at the Supreme Court it WAS a tax….

Well, he said your health insurance premiums will go down and you can keep your doctor!

Premiums went up HOW much?

Never mind, Zimmerman is going on trial, we don`t have the resources to cover Tea Party paranoid conspiracy theories, we have a racist to convict, umm, we mean cover.




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