It would seem Senator Rubio has been infected with the dreaded D.C. disease, the illness has infected others, such as, Gov. Christie, Jeff Flake and many others that were elected on their words and infected by their deeds.

Senator Rubio now says in an interview with Univision, the spanish language station, that immigration reform MUST begin with legalization of illegals BEFORE border security takes place.  Link here:

No, Senator, that is not the right thing to do – and you are smart enough to know it.

If the lock on your front door is broken and the neighborhood strays are coming in at will, no one with a lick of sense goes to the local animal shelter and arranges for more strays to be delivered to your street and then puts out more bowls of food – you fix the damn door!

The disease has only one cure, rejection of re-election by the people of Florida that are damn tired of paying the tax bills that support an ever growing population of illegals that will and are, flooding into America because this administration is telling them, by advertising in Mexico, that American welfare benefits await them here in the land of plenty.

Link here:

Mr. Rubio, you are an elected AMERICAN Senator, read your oath of office, it was written in english for a reason.

We wrote this article about this subject some time ago :

This article was sent to Senator Rubio`s press office with a request for an on the record response, the office acknowledged receiving the article and promised a reply, as with most other political promises – there was no reply.


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