Watch this 10 minute video , it simply states the facts. Facts that are easily found with simple search terms.  When you`re done, ask yourself why you hav`nt seen any of this in the ongoing Zimmerman / Martin coverage.

George Zimmerman stopped to help some folks that were involved in a car wreck, you`ve probably heard that on the news ( maybe not, depending on who you watch) but, did you know that it happened about a week before it was reported on?

That is just about the time the verdict was reached…..could it be that there was too much coverage of the protesters, national TV time for the upstanding and always entertaining Jackson & Sharpton show and of course, Barack ( …the police acted stupidly..) Obama, to allow ANY mention of an act of kindness and simple good citizenry by a man who will have to live under a threat the rest of his life?  Can`t have any actual news to get in the way of the agenda, now can we?

Did you know his lawyer stated that when he met with Zimmerman on the day of the car wreck,  Zimmerman never mentioned it to him?   Do you think if Trayvon`s parents had stopped to help car wreck victims it would make national news – when it actually happened?

If you decide to fact check any of the info in the video, and I hope you do, when you`re done, look up a couple more things -   “willful journalistic malpractice”  and then read the 1st Amendment.

With Constitutional protection comes responsibility.

Be sure to contact your local news sources and let them know how you feel about what they decide to tell you about.

If they ignore you ,  as usually happens, try letting the sponsors to that news outlet know how you feel -  bet they respond to you.





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