Hello Congressman Bilirakis,

I am a homeowner and small business owner in the district that you represent, you inherited me after the most recent redraw of the lines, hopefully, both of us will be pleased with that change.

I contacted your office a month or so ago, with a request to provide the contact info for your press person, with the intent to submit a few questions for your unedited response, to be posted here, along with the unedited questions – I`m sure your people are busy and will reply when they have time.

That is not the reason for this letter,  in addition to sending this to your office, this is also being posted at 4th Estate Media – as will your unedited response, or lack thereof.

As you are well aware, obamacare will become unstoppable if the House funds it in the CR vote next month, please re-read that, unstoppable.

I know you signed on as a co-sponsor for HR2682, (defund obamacare act of 2013) thank you, sir, it was the right thing to do, but there is much more for you to do in the very short time available.

You are a fourth term elected official,  the time is now for you to stand.

You have the responsibility to speak plainly and frequently when your constituents are being subjected to an abuse of power.

There can be no other conclusion to the news last week that not only would corporate America be exempted from obamacare compliance for at least a year, now we are told that very quietly on a Friday, we the people will be paying up to 75% of congress AND staff health care costs – you must be well aware that congressional and staff salaries are considerably higher than the vast majority of the folks that they ( you ) serve, please re-read that word, serve.

That leaves average Americans as the largest percentage of folks that get NO relief from this regulatory nightmare law from this administration, here is the link to the Florida report that states, among other things, that some Floridians can expect a 30% to %40 increase in premiums :       We just get the bills.

That leads us back to you. You are our voice, it is your duty – read the oath you swore.

Your stated position on obamacare, link here :

I call on you to do everything in your power, please read that again, to make the facts of  obamacare public knowledge, as you know the media will not give this vital information the priority that it gave say, the Zimmerman trial, it is up to you and your colleague`s to do it.

The message is very simple, in the upcoming CR vote, fund the full government – except obamacare. That`s all, simply refuse to allow funding for any portion of obamacare, you have the power – use it. If the senate majority and president want to shut down the government – let them. Call their bluff.

You have the power to call press conferences and get newspaper and radio interviews, we need you to do that – we, your constituents cannot.

During re-election campaigns, our mail boxes and message box`s are flooded with informational messages, you must do that now, simple facts that are not being reported sent directly to Americans will create the support the House will need to do their ( your) duty.

Social media is the new printing press,  use it. Now.

Congressman Bilirakis, I would like to see an announcement from your office, stating you and your staff will not accept any taxpayer subsidy towards ANY health care costs that are not equally applied to EVERY American citizen,  as well as your pledge that if obamacare is funded, you and your staff will be subject to all the regulations, (without accepting taxpayer money) the American people are subject to. It is the honorable and right thing to do.



We are in a fight for the Constitutional and economic future of America, you asked to be a leader – now you must lead.

I would appreciate your thoughts, but, now is the time for action.

I am ready to help, time is short.

No funding for any part of obamacare, full funding for normal government operations, no compromise, no politics, No excuses.

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