2013 molester-1   We have a new resident in our small, rural neighborhood.

He is a convicted child molester from Ohio, with a criminal record that includes arrests for alcohol and trespass violations in addition to being convicted of and serving time for molesting a 12 year old girl.

He is living in a house that has no electricity, no water, no working toilet, he has been here for over two weeks, so it is unlikely he is simply waiting for the power company to show up.  There are multiple broken windows and a “lawn” that is well over three foot tall and hides a “pond” with high banks, gators and snakes. there is now unrestricted access to any child that might happen to wander over and fall into it. There is a  pile of household garbage bags being piled up in the side yard.

The property is owned by his kin, and has been in a state of disrepair for years, as well as, we are told by folks that know the owner, in some process of foreclosure for quite some time, of course, that has not stopped the owner from renting it out to anyone that was willing to live there – as long as they did`nt have to maintain the property.

The last few tenants presumably paid rent  to the owner, but had problems paying the electric bill, so now the power company requires a rather large deposit before they will consider turning on the power – assuming the structure is safe to be powered up.

Our new edition to the neighborhood does not seem to go to a job, so we assume he receives any number of welfare benefits, because he is able to afford alcohol and cigarettes, he also has a vehicle that must have fuel to operate and we all know the price of gas these days.

This waste of skin – excuse me,  the newest addition to our neighborhood does exhibit some – well one, good quality,  only a few days after moving in, he went to a neighbor that he did not know and asked for a ride to the store for smokes because he  “had been drinking too much to drive”, the neighbor, much to my surprise, did not visit violence upon this vermin that was trespassing uninvited on his property, he simply refused and advised against further requests.

We decided to reach out to the agencies in Pasco County, FL. for some help in solving this issue in a civilized manner,  thinking that surely it was in violation of any number of statutes  to live in a house without a working toilet, not to mention the other issues with the property.

We contacted the sheriff and were informed that as long as he registered as a sex offender at that address (he did) that they had no authority to contact him, unless and until he broke the law, they advised we contact code enforcement and the county health dept.

I and at least one other neighbor filed a complaint with code enforcement about the unsafe condition of the property, broken windows, badly overgrown property and the open access to the dangerous (high banks) “pond” , to their credit, they sent an agent out within 48 hours and inspected and cited the property for several violations.

Code enforcement advised us that the county health dept. would be the agency to handle our concerns about this wonderful example of humanity using the yard for a toilet (our first sighting of him was of him coming from the back yard holding a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of beer)  I called the number provided and after a brief explanation of the problem, the civil “servant”  at the health dept. began to explain to me in a manner I would equate to  someone with a superiority complex talking down to the village idiot, that they “certainly could not be expected to differentiate between animal and human waste” , as well as, “it was not their job to inspect toilets of private residences”.  Silly me, thinking a county HEALTH agency would be interested in the health issues associated with a person regularly (bad choice of words?) crapping in the yard in a residential neighborhood.

Aside from the condition of the property this felon is living at and health issues, this is a convicted child molester living in a very rural area,  our neighborhood is on a dead end dirt road, with approximately 50 residences, ranging from 1/2 acre to 10 acre properties, most everyone has been here a very long time beginning in 1968, the children here have grown up being able to play anywhere in our neighborhood, ride bicycles and 4 wheelers, fish and explore the neighborhood as children in most non rural area`s are not able to do – that is not the case now, ONE person has changed all that and according to the law, WE have to live with his lifestyle choice to molest a little girl, get drunk and presumably live off the folks that work for a living.

Here are just two examples, local to our area, of why we are outraged at having to accomodate this POS -

Jennifer Odom :

Jessica Lunsford :

There are thousands of these predators out there,  it is time to turn up the heat on them, the sorry fact is they have the legal right to live among us – they absolutely DO NOT have the right to live among us unknown to anyone in the area, they gave up the right to keep their sick crimes private when they attacked children.

The photo above is of the sign we put on our fence, it points to the property this particular lower life form occupies, if it humiliates him – great!  If it causes folks to send him their thoughts about him, even better !  If it forces him to leave – hopefully the next place he moves to will treat him the same. If he thinks this treatment is unfair, ask the 12 year old he molested to enlighten him on fairness, with any luck, she would use something heavy for the enlightening.

Here is the link to the photo and flyer for our new resident, drop him a note with your feelings if you are so inclined , his name and address are  on the flyer  : 

If you would like to contact the Pasco County health dept. to comment on their attitude towards the folks that pay their salary, here is the link :

The Pasco County sheriff`s deputies we spoke with were genuinely sympathetic, they have to deal with this scum every day – their hands are tied and everyone involved knows it, but we do appreciate the sentiment that “gators have to eat “, we just consider that cruelty to animals.

*******    UPDATE   ********

The convicted molester flipped out the other morning, ripping the sign and part of my fence down, he then proceeded to scream that he would shoot me, my dog and my family.

I went out in the road to give him the opportunity to shoot me. ( after dialing 911 so the dispatcher could hear his threats and record whatever was about to happen)

Upon seeing that I was willing to give him the chance to make good on his threats – he decided not to play, got in his van and sped off.

Later that day, the deputy found him at the house, read him his rights and was about to arrest him for several charges when this pillar of society, this molester of children, the man? who bravely assaulted a fence, began to cry and beg not to go back to jail – it`s a fair guess that molesters don`t have an easy time in general population.

The deputy called me to update me and said if I would sign a waiver of charges, this POS would pack up his things and leave the county for good , under threat of arrest.

I agreed and while the deputy watched, he moved out.

His new address is here:




  1. I am glad to see that you found an end to at least that problem, but you and the neighbors might consider buying that piece of property and putting it into a trust. Burn down the house, clear the lot and build a safe playground for the neighborhood children. Name it after Jessica Lunsford. At least then you wont have to worry about the kin folk “leasing” it anymore.

    • The property is under bank control and is in foreclosure limbo, so no one will be camping there again. The property is not habitable, with a couple of “demo” documents from the county. Damn fine Idea about the park, especially to remember Jessica Lunsford.

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