There is a very rare and exceptional thing happening in the U.S. Senate right now, it began yesterday at 2:40 p.m. – a politician is acting not in their own best interest, but in the best interests of the Constitution and the American people.

Senator Ted Cruz has been standing up for the Constitution by literally standing up for going on 20 hours without a break. We support and applaud Senator Cruz for doing what very few politicians dare to do – take a stand and speak plainly from the heart. (no teleprompter)

The House of Representatives had to be dragged kicking and screaming to vote to defund obamacare last week, only after the “trick” (  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/09/09/Conservatives-Boehner-Cantor-cave-on-Obamacare-defunding-fight-seek-to-use-procedural-trick-to-pay-for-law  ) that Eric Cantor had devised to fool the American people became public knowledge, did they vote to fund government and defund obamacare and send the bill to the Senate, where Harry Ried promptly got up from under the Presidents desk, brushed off his knees and declared it was “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

You see, good `ol Harry was convinced that his media pets would be able to scare,smear,lie and refuse to report the facts to the American people and he could deliver yet another happy ending to the president.

Well, enter the Texas Senator armed, not with a Colt peacemaker, but with something much more deadly to Harry Reid and his ilk – cold, hard facts.  Here are a couple of those facts Handy Harry would prefer the American people did not know -








These are just a very few examples of the backdoor deals that began with obamacare being passed behind closed and locked doors by DEMOCRAT VOTES ONLY, and only after several members of Congress received bribes, er, I mean incentives, to gain their vote.

The national media has also ducked out from under the Presidents desk to play their part in the effort to stop the American people from understanding exactly what will happen if this monstrosity is funded this week – the first thing you should know is, if obamacare is funded, it is unstoppable – there will be no going back.

That is a vitally important step and democrats and the President will lie straight to your face (again) to shock this corpse of a law to life.

If you allow the senate to bully the house into reversing the bill that defunds obamacare and then you realize what you will now be REQUIRED to do to comply, there will be no going back.


The President said you can keep your doctor and policy if you like it, it was and still is a lie – he knew it when he said it.

The President has decided which parts of the law to enforce, surprise, surprise, only the portions that apply to YOU, the American people will be enforced – business and Congress have been given waivers.

The President CANNOT decide what portion of laws to follow, he can go to Congress and ask for amendments, but he alone cannot just decide not to follow the law – yet he has and no one in the party in power will acknowledge or call him on it, yet when Americans, in a LARGE majority call for Obamacare to be defunded or repealed, the party in power answers ” it`s the law of the land”  .

When laws are passed without the consent of the people and are imposed only on citizens, but not the politicians that write and pass the law, there are words for that – here are two that come to mind.



Contact your Senators and Representatives, demand the government be funded and obamacare be defunded,  your Country, as well as your children will thank you.


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