It`s past time to put a name to people and policy that are conspiring together to enslave America and her citizens.

Let`s start with this – obamacare called by it`s rightful name is slavery, it is the act of a tyrannical group to control and force their will on a citizenry that obeys the law, that was raised to respect the rule of law-  the citizens respect for Constitutional law was used to force us to our knees and bind our hands, they counted on us to shrug and say, “well, it was legally passed”

Legal does`nt mean right.  Our ‘representatives” have sold us out, they believe they are safe in their hold on power, that we will “forget” and capitulate and of course, re-elect them.

If we do, there are names for us – Dishonorable. Ungrateful. Quitters.

The President has made many claims and his democratic co-conspirators in this anti-American law have piously told us- TOLD US, that once we have it we will understand the special genius that the democrats have displayed in giving this law to the uninformed majority of the public that continues to say NO, we do not need or want it.

The President and his co-conspirators in the House and Senate are liars. Democrats and Republicans.

They have been playing us for suckers for quite a while, long enough that they are now comfortable with showing themselves without the pretense of covering their real intentions.

Their intentions are to control and enslave us, their intentions are to put us in a position that we have no choice but to comply- that is tyranny.

Need proof?

Are you aware of what is written into obamacare? how about this little gem -   http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/obamacare-marketplace-personal-data-can-be-used-law-enforcement-and-audit-activities_762237.html

In plain talk, that means you MUST provide information that can be used to prosecute you, remember, you MUST prove you have health care now, you MUST disclose the details of your health care, cost,benefits,etc.  – That will require your personal banking information to be entered, remember, the IRS is the enforcement fist of obamacare. We all know of the tactics and tendency of the IRS to consider you guilty until proven innocent- do you think they will treat you fairly?

The House Republicans have stood up to the Obama regime – and it IS a regime, with the only weapon they have, the authority to control the flow of money. They did not do this because they are principled politicians, they did this because they were getting swamped with contacts from citizens demanding they actually represent the people of America, in short, they did what self absorbed, elitist, weasel politicians have always done when presented with the possibility of loss of their power and prestige – they acted like it was their idea to actually do their job.

This time they have stumbled into a position that terrifies them, they must take a stand against the behemoth of government that allows them the stature and lifestyle they believe they deserve. They have stuck with this position simply because the other power they face is even more terrifying to them – us. They remember 2010, they will not admit it, but the thought of a united citizenry coming for them creates stains in their silkies.

The President and his co-conspirators are not accustomed to being told NO! They do not deal well with it – most tyrants and dictators have a way of dealing with that situation, they simply kill a few hundred thousand and the rest fall into line, that will not happen here and Barack Hussein Obama knows it. He does not like it, but he knows it.

Barack Hussein Obama is not one to be denied his vengeance, he is not one to be defied, after all, in his world he is king – literally.

This is why the open air Memorials, OUR PROPERTIES are the first to be blocked, why the Senate embarrassment known as Harry Reid feels comfortable calling a large segment of Americans “anarchists”, “terrorists”, ‘hostage takers”, because he has grown to believe he is above the law, he is convinced HE will determine the law – when he made the statement in a recent press conference ” what gives the House republicans the right to decide what gets funded” , surely he knows the Constitution of the United States of America gives them the absolute right, not only does it give them the right , it comes with a responsibility, it was included as a weapon to stop a tyrannical, out of control President – exactly what we now have.

This link provides clear evidence that the things closed by the shutdown are designed to cause pain to American citizens – no other reason.      http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/10/07/glenn-the-presidents-treatment-of-the-govt-shutdown-is-the-sign-of-a-dictator/

Whether you like or dislike Glenn Beck does not matter, the information in the article is factual.

The worst threat to America is not Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid, or any of the other gutless wonders that are entrenched in OUR government.

The true threat to Americas survival is the main stream media, they are knowingly aiding in the downfall of our Republic, they are actively engaged in helping enemies of America and Constitutional law to overthrow this Nation.

That is treason. Make no mistake, they are, in effect, supporting people that want nothing more than to see Constitutional law overturned and socialist / marxist /communist ideals and policy imposed.

The media is the ONLY entity specifically named in the Constitution for absolute protection, the Founders knew that if the king/ tyrant/ dictator controlled what information was, or was not made available to the people, they could be easily duped. We have been.

That is exactly the service today`s media is providing to the Obama regime.

They receive and repeat the information that the administration wants to be trumpeted and they will not, under any circumstances, demand or report factual information that might cause the administrations ideology or policies to be questioned, or facts verified – even if that ideology /policy/law will lead to the enslavement of the American people. That is Treason.

We have a couple weapons at our disposal, the best one is our Constitution, but it requires US to hold it up as a shield and REFUSE to kneel.

We have to be prepared to REFUSE to comply with bad law and any law that  FORCES Americans to purchase a product for their ENTIRE life, or face punishment, simply because you are an American citizen IS bad law.

A law that FORCES Americans to submit information into a government database with the stated intent that information can be stored and used to prosecute them IS bad law.

A law that is applied ONLY to individual citizens and NOT to big business or Congress simply because the President says so IS bad law.

We have one other weapon to exert our power as American citizens, much like the House of Representatives was given the power of the purse to control an out of control President, we can use the power of the purse to rein in a treasonous media, big media lives and dies on advertiser dollars, especially local affiliates.

Make a list of the advertisers to your local newscast, send them a letter, e-mail, or facebook message, calmly and factually explain that their advertising dollars are funding a local news outlet that will not present an unbiased, balanced news product, then simply say that you, your family and friends cannot in good conscience, continue to purchase products and services from them – then send a copy of that letter to the news outlet.

Here is a link to a national organization that is wielding that weapon -   http://www.truthrevolt.org/join-the-fight

Know your enemy – by their true name :





If we do not stop this, who will? We must support the House Republican weasels that are forcing the regime to show their true colors , if we had not forced them to stand up to the dictator, we would have already lost a big chunk of Freedom and liberty to obamacare by simply rolling over – Americans don`t do that, do we?

We`re not done, we will have to keep the pressure on for them to hold the line, after all, they are weasels, they will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – if we allow it.

If we don `t stand up, the next generation will not only be slaves, they will be enslaved because we did not act as EVERY other American generation that was faced with a fight for Liberty has acted before us.   Want to guess the name for that?


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