nixonSome Americans have known it all along, some are just now clearing the hero worship astigmatism from their eyes. The President of the United States of America is a liar. Barack Hussein Obama and most members of Congress made a decision three years ago to look into the camera and lie with a straight face to all Americans.

They lied for the worst of all reasons, simple power and control over the lives of the whole of the American public.

There is no question that Obama and Congress knew they were lying about the actual  results of the imposition of Obamacare on a free Nation, here is a link from Obama`s lapdog, NBC, that proves they knew :  http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/28/21213547-obama-admin-knew-millions-could-not-keep-their-health-insurance

A reasonable case can be made that  the keystone kops like launch of Obamacare is a deliberate action, designed to grease the skids to the holy grail of progressive/marxist/socialist/communist types that are busying themselves with imploding this Republic – single payer, full government controlled health care. They are so confident in their power, they have stopped trying to hide it, here is Senator Reid in an power drunk moment of candor : http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2013/08/10/sen-harry-reid-obamacare-absolutely-a-step-toward-a-single-payer-system/

This is nothing new, this President, with ALL the Democrats and many of the Republicans following along like the little rat terriers emboldened and protected by the pit bull, have lied to, mocked and demeaned publicly a great portion of the American population – have you EVER seen a President do that in your lifetime?

what is new is that there is documented evidence of the deliberate lies with the goal of defrauding the American public. Let that sink in.

The DELIBERATE lies of this President, along with most members of Congress have created a dire situation for tens of millions of Americans. If you have a couple kids and a cancellation letter from your health care provider shutting you off 60 DAYS from today, what will you do? Go to the Obamacare exchanges? Good luck with that. What if you don`t have the money for the jump in premiums? What if you don`t qualify for the subsidy? What if you are under 30 and you have no credit history? You did know that healthcare.gov uses Experian to verify your identity, right? What will you do if the kids get sick? when you have no where else to go, you will beg the government to help,  then a smirking Obama, Pelosi,and Reid will be there with open arms – you and your kids are now a slave to government – THEY will decide your treatment, or lack thereof.

The President and Congress have CONSPIRED to back you into this corner, they KNOWINGLY LIED to you to get you to support your own misery. That is NOT what an American President does, that is what a tyrant does,they cause pain to the population simply to gather power.

The question hangs in the back of your mind when you read the news, when the evidence keeps piling up that shows the leaders of the greatest Nation on Earth hate this Country as Founded and are willing to put your family through hell to change it to THEIR liking – What will we do?

There are several choices, some are just ignorant – the crowd that calls for an armed uprising are simply wrong, it will not work, it is not justified and any attempt is EXACTLY what the usurper in chief has been trying to poke us into doing. We`re not going there. It is not the time.

another choice is the easiest and usually the least effective, calling,e-mailing, faxing Congress DOES have an impact, but as we saw during the shutdown a couple weeks ago, those are easily ignored and as long as the member does`nt have to actually see us, or answer direct questions from us, they are happily secured away from us.

The next choice requires us to organize, as well as put in some effort. We scared hell out of Congress in 2009 when we went to DC on 9-12-09, that is the one thing that gets their attention, you cannot ignore a large group of pissed off constituents at the door – they  were`nt even in session when we were there, but the message was received loud and clear, you DO remember the 2010 mid terms?

The next step in peaceful action will be local, get together with your tea party, 9-12, neighbors, etc. contacts in your area, locate the offices of your Senator and Representative and set up a rotation that will put a couple of people at their office as many days as you can manage.

request a list of public events that your member will be attending, request a donor list for your member, take note of local businesses that donate to them.

Put all those places your member will show up in your rotation, try to send at least one of your people to each event and donor business.

Make a simple sign -”When Will You Speak For Us?” , “The Politician You Support Forgot Their Oath” no waving signs, no funny hats, no yelling at cars to honk – simply sit or stand in the public right of way at these locations.

print up a simple hand out with factual bullet points regarding the lies of this administration regarding obamacare,include the lie of the Benghazi video, IRS/NSA spying on Americans, the deliberate action to inflict pain on citizens during the shutdown, illegal immigrant rally in the closed National Mall while WWII vets were locked out, etc. , short, to the point facts that are easily looked up will be easy for people to verify on their own.

Don`t forget the media, be prepared to answer their questions calmly and with short facts.

The member of Congress will eventually send someone out to speak with you, be ready with the list of unlawful acts by this President, deliberate planned lies, selective enforcement of obamacare, (waivers for everyone but individuals) etc.

My personal favorite question for members of Congress is – “If you are as outraged as you say by the actions of this President, why do we not see an advertising blitz from you like we do at every election cycle, endless TV ad`s, mailings, etc., demanding redress of our grievances and calling for your constituents to stand with you at the steps of Congress? Is it more important for you to be re-elected, or to honor the oath you swore?  ”

The goal is to force our elected weasels to bring action against Obama, I am well aware that with the makeup of the Senate, impeachment is not gonna happen, (at least until after 2014) I am also aware that this President does not deal well with opposition,  if we can prod our politicians to provide some heat, we will at least occupy his time and screw up the “Take Down America” timeline.

The MSM is starting to realize they cannot continue to provide cover for their champion, we must take advantage of that, as the elected weasels favorite excuse is” media won`t give us coverage”, that is beginning to change.

If any of the local groups in my area (central FL.) want to begin this, I will be happy to help any way I can, I will give you as much coverage as I can,  I will use any and all contacts I have to get the word out. I will stand with you.

We have to act. Now is the time. 2014 cannot be squandered as 2012 was.

What will we do?



WHAT WILL WE DO? — 4 Comments

  1. Millions of Americans are scrared as hell with the destruction of the current administration on OUR Country. Thousands of groups are fighting back independently. It is time to join forces and get the job done. On the Patriot Action Network, i’ve posted a discussion entitled, ‘FREEDOM IS NOT FREE – GETTING THE WORD OUT’.

    My area of expertise is not computing. If you could review it, and agree with it, please post it here and wherever you see it as helping. It is under my name, Marlene H. Klim, under my discussions. If you have a better plan, make that one happen. It matters not how we save OUR Country, only that we do so. Time is running out for us.


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