"...have you forgotten how it felt that day, to see your homeland under fire,
and her people blown away.....we had neighbors still inside, going through a living
hell...have you forgotten? "

Above excerpts from "Have You Forgotten" by Darryl Worley

The terrorist attacks on 9-11-12 in Libya and on 9-11-01 in the U.S.A. are different only in
the reaction to them, and the conditions that made them possible.

The attacks were both carried out on American soil by radical Islamist`s.

Let`s look at the differences in the attacks : 9-11-01 was a sucker punch, we had a new
president who was untested and regarded by the world (thanks to the media) as mostly an
idiot, based on past attacks the radical muslims must have been sure that the American
response would be to bluster and pass meaningless resolutions condemning them while the
U.S. society crumbled - they had seen it before, tepid response to American deaths.

They were dead wrong. George W. Bush took it personal, as did the Country. He spoke
simple words from the heart, words that every American had on their lips - we are coming
for you, you are with us, or you are the enemy and we will crush you.

On 9-11-12 we were attacked again, this time it was a surprise only to the American
people, the administration was well aware of the building threat, yet chose to ignore
requests for security. There had been previous attacks in Libya on American soil, attacks
that had no mention in the press, nor did they report that basic defensive measures such
as a request for razor wire at the American compound in Benghazi had been denied in the
name of political correctness.

The details are coming out,  but, a treasonous media, in the interest of WILLINGLY
PROTECTING a president and administration that not only refused to protect Americans in
service to our Country simply not to "offend" terrorists, they ignored a
building threat in the region. This president and many in his administration REFUSED to
allow help to be sent and watched while they were killed .

Repeat that back to yourself - Barack Obama and people under his direct control allowed
the deaths of American citizens under terrorist attack by refusing to allow available
help to be sent. How does that not outrage you?

The next act of this president and Sec. of State Clinton was to concoct a DELIBERATE lie
that was repeated for two weeks on every outlet at their disposal, but in the most
disgusting place possible - they looked into the camera and told the lie while the bodies
of American heroes were being returned to American soil behind them.

No one, NO ONE, that can do that while staring into the faces of the American people
deserves ANY respect or benefit of the doubt.

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy of American freedom and
the Constitution the men in Benghazi died serving.

There is another parallel that I would like to share with you, I had the honor of meeting
Lech Walesa last week, he is a true freedom fighter, a man who stood up for his Country
and the freedom of his fellow citizens.

The former President of Poland and Nobel prize winner stood up for freedom in a time
and circumstances that we, as Americans have no idea what it is like to live under, he
stood and spoke in a loud and clear voice about what he believed when he knew dissenters
in that time and place were simply shot for daring to speak - Lech Walesa has a measure
of courage and love of Country few can match.

Do you believe that Barack Hussein Obama possesses that courage, that love of Country
that Mr. Walesa showed the world?

 Our Senators and Representatives have proven they possess NO MEASURE of that courage.
Should a man that leads the greatest nation on the planet possess the qualities that Lech
Walesa has demonstrated to the world - or should that man demonstrate to the world that
he is simply a liar and opportunist who is willing to allow his Countrymen to die to stay
in power and further his failed ideology?

 Barack Hussein Obama should answer to the American people
for his actions - and inaction.

To the mainstream media I say, when we have removed this parasite from our Office of the
President, we will be turning our attention to you - you have willingly refused to
fulfill your Constitutional duty to the detriment of your fellow citizens, that is

I would urge readers, of either or no party to contact your representatives in Congress
and DEMAND an inquiry into the murders in Benghazi be made public, then do the same with
your local media outlet. This administration is counting on you to forget - do you think
the families of those murdered in Libya will forget?

 Stand for your Country, not your party.

 I wrote this and posted it last year on another media site - it bears repeating.

 As of 11-04-13, NO ONE has been held responsible for the murder of 4 Americans.

 The president has the information and power to change that, yet he refuses.

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