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Here is a list of very general search terms to print on your handout, they will work for any media that may talk to you, as well as any other folks that you speak to at the member of Congress` office, event, or place your member may be speaking at.

The printout title should be simple, I suggest :  ‘ TYPE THESE GENERAL SEARCH TERMS INTO GOOGLE”

I have used the MSM in the search terms when possible, most folks get their news from them and will disregard any news from ” tea party” websites – sad, but true.

Here is my list, type them in yourself, I think you will be surprised.

1)  ” President lies about insurance/ NBC news”

2) “President misleads about Benghazi video/ABC news”

3) “Politifact President Obama false statements”

4) ” How many lose coverage because of Obamacare? ”

5) ” Average increase in premiums due to Obamacare ”

6) ” Can President Obama grant amnesty to illegal aliens without Congress? ”

7) ” Can government pay it`s obligations with just tax revenue? ”

8) ” President Obama`s recess appointments to NLRB ”

I would print at the bottom of the page :

Please use these very general search terms to determine the truth for yourself, An informed voter is essential for America to succeed.

Please contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to act in the best interest of America, not their party. They do, after all, work for you.


I would not include any reference to the Tea Party, or any political group, it is essential that the average citizen that does not follow, or has tuned out the news, be given the basic information to educate themselves – and they will.

Not everyone is a Republican, Libertarian, or Tea Party American, but we are all Americans and no one likes to be lied to, or taken advantage of.

It will take Americans from all sides to stand up to this lawless administration.

Here is a great source to find out who your elected weasels get their money from, I have included the link for my Congressman, but the search box at the website will locate ALL of them. Link Here:    https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.php?type=C&cid=N00027462&newMem=N&cycle=2012

One other note, if you have a whole bunch of weasels, they are referred to as a “Confusion of Weasels “   – you just can`t make that stuff up…..

Please let me know, through comments or e-mail, where and what results you have should you decide to get involved in this project, I`ll be happy to publish any results.

Let`s get to work.





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