I originally wrote this for on July 18,2012 ….. history repeats itself.


I got a letter from Mitt Romney the other day, seems he`s running for political office and he really, really wants my support.  I was curious enough that I did`nt follow my instincts and throw it in the burn pile – then I opened it and saw that the RNC was also involved in this purported ‘personal” letter from Mitt – always follow your instincts.

I had already opened it, so I read a few lines while trying to get my instincts to quit yelling  “I told you so” in my inner ear.

It did`nt take long, four sentences in, this gem of political intelligence danced across the page – “… the American dream is in dire jeopardy…”

Now, far be it for me to take issue with an obviously intelligent man that was the only Governor that ran in the Olympics, or ran the Olympics, or ran past the Olympics – whatever,  Excuse me Governor, but WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? I knew that bit of information the last time you ran ( you do that a lot, don`t you?) for political office.

Mr. Romney, the last time you ran for office – and lost, did you think that was the end of your responsibility? YOU are the one that now has the gall to ask for MY help?

I am an average American, I live paycheck to paycheck (except for the last year I have been mostly unemployed -due to your political brethren`s skills at not doing THEIR job) I don`t have a national voice, or the money and influence it takes to be heard, or acknowledged, but you sir, YOU DO – where have you been while the American Dream was being systematically dismantled?

I, and a few million more of like minded Americans have been doing everything in our power to do what the lapdog, treasonous press WILL NOT do – make public who, what and how the American Dream is under sustained attack by Anti American politicians and other lower life forms that seem to be drawn to them like flies to a turd.

Why have you not been involved in this effort? You talk a good game now, when you want something, but where were you on September 12, 2009 when over a million of your Countrymen and women went to D.C. and surrounded the Capitol to say NO! ?

Where were you on September 12, 2010 when we did it again? Then backed it up in the mid term elections. Where were you when Obamacare was bought, paid for and passed behind closed doors on Christmas eve? Do you think some of the millions you now willingly spend to “secure your legacy” – or as you put it in your letter”…get out the truth..” could have made a big difference in stopping that soiling of the Constitution before it happened?

You should be aware that a lot of us don`t think you are sincere, we don`t think you have the cojones to do what is absolutely required to drive a steel rod into the cog of the socialistic machine that is being quickly built – you should also be aware that we ARE going to elect you out of necessity. (this was in 2012, now? No.)

Prove us wrong. You have asked for this chore, you have asked for our support and our trust, we grudgingly will provide both to you – but do not doubt for a second that we will hold you to a higher account than we hold Obama and his cohorts, we will demand you be better than we think you are.

You have said what you will do on day one, back up that talk with documents – draw up the executive orders you will execute on day one regarding obamacare, Keystone, domestic oil drilling, as well as the rescinding of the job killing EPA mandates and EVERYTHING that Cass Sunstein has put in place.

Draw up the legislation you will propose to the new Congress we are going to give you – make those documents, as well as your promise to execute them, public.

On the day after the election results are certified, PUBLICLY call on President Obama to sign those executive orders you drew up – (much like GWB did) as a good will gesture that shows his acknowledgement of not only the election, but the will of the people. Of course, he will not do it, but that will demonstrate for all to see, exactly what he really is.

Oh, and we expect you to pursue ANY and ALL criminal charges against ANY member of the Obama administration, or ANY member of Congress regarding crimes committed in the last four years, there will be NO  “..let`s just move on…”  these people made a knowing and willing effort to damage this Country, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to hold them accountable.

Well Mitt, thanks for the letter, now you know what I (and millions more Americans) require of you in exchange for our support and trust  -  still want the job?


Romney is not the right man, he was not the right man in 2012 and he is not now. He has proven that by his unwillingness to speak the truth when he had the opportunity and a national stage in 2012, he lacks the fierce patriotism and complete dedication to the Constitution that will be required to begin unraveling the damage already done. The next president will be blamed for the hard times coming as a result of Obama`s attacks on this Nation, it will take a strong and courageous leader to stand up to it.

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