Ben Franklin published the iconic ” Join, or Die “  in 1754  in an effort to make plain to citizens the stark reality of their times.

  We are at that crossroads again, today`s text on the separated snake could well be,   “Join, or the Constitutional Republic  Dies “

 Hundreds of thousands of Americans went to D.C. in 2009 to speak with one voice, millions more supported them from home.

  We went again in 2010.

 The common theme, demonstrated by many different phrases on homemade signs was STOP!  Follow the law, follow the Constitution.

  Do you remember what our senators and representatives, both in office and candidates were saying then?

  They said, “give us the power to stop a runaway, power drunk democrat party that has complete power to do as they please.”

 The 2010 mid terms were historic in that control of the house was decided by more seats changing hands than at any time since 1938 – that is a direct result of Americans saying “STOP!”

  The newly elected house members promptly ran into a wall of “establishment” republicans that do not possess the courage to honor their oath of office over their desire for power, they all, with a very few exceptions, began to backtrack on their solemn word to hold the administration to their lawful boundaries using “the power of the purse”.

  When time came to cast the tough votes to actually act to protect their constituents and require the law be followed, they simply chose not to be called names by the press, chose not to stand publicly and speak the hard truth of the condition of the Nation – chose to simply say to the vast majority of their constituents,  “we know better than you, now is not the time – next time we`ll do it.”

  Next time never comes, cowardice and lust for personal power are demonstrated over and over.

  Along comes 2014, our congress again says, “we need control of the house and senate to stop an increasingly lawless president.”  Again, a historic election occurs and we loan OUR power to them.  Again America said, here are your orders  “Stop the lawless actions.”

 We all know what happened, the party that now has the legitimate power, the historic National mandate to stop a president and administration that is clearly not acting to “…preserve,protect and defend the Constitution…” , that party is simply refusing to do what they were instructed to do under the authority of the lawful power of the people.

  We have done what the Constitution provides for a lawful citizen to do in the event of a rogue president and a rogue congress, we have done our part, only to be simply treated as though congress, once elected,  are not obliged to do exactly what they were clearly told to do.

  It is our obligation to our Nation and to ourselves to REQUIRE congress act according to the will of the people that elected them.

  We have allowed congress to tell us what they will do, to tell us that they, not us, will decide what laws to follow, while enacting more and more law and regulation to control us. That simply will not stand. If we allow it, we deserve what we will get .Do your children and their children deserve what we are too lazy, or busy to stop? By then it will not be possible to return to what was won in blood and given to us.  Can you live with that? Can your kids?

 I see one path to force congress to act to return the rule of law, one way that is non violent to force them to do what their oath requires.

 We must join, or die. We must stop being a fractured group of Americans that not only want different things, but also hold any candidate to impossible standards – if your candidate does`nt meet your views on abortion, welfare, immigration, spending, debt limit, etc. , they are simply dismissed as a candidate.

  The enemies of America, some in power in the highest offices in the land, the enemies of our Constitution, are thrilled at the way we determine candidates for president, they know that with media help they, the people that hate that this Country was founded as a Constitutional Republic can decide who will be nominated by simple lies and innuendo against the ones they fear – remember Sarah Palin? Ted Cruz?

 We must join in requiring a candidate that will simply run on following the law as written and holding accountable ANYONE in office that has broken the law. We are way past demanding they line up with all our other issues, we must join, or die.

 Any elected official, or candidate that refuses to plainly say ” I will enforce the law according to the Constitution” simply must be declined as a candidate. All the other issues pale in comparison to that simple, direct requirement. All other issues can be hashed out AFTER we have a lawful government that ceases to target it`s own citizens.

 We have elected a congress, removed control of both houses from the democrats that have simply acted as tyrants, without regard to the Constitution that allows their existence.

 We MUST get the new congress under control of the people that elected them.

 We MUST demand and require they use all the Constitutional power we loaned them to stop this rogue administration, plainly spoken, they must begin impeachment of this president, they must use EVERY legal procedure to repeal obamacare , as they vowed to do if given the power- then refused to.  Stop amnesty for illegals – in short, they MUST require the law be followed.

 Our obligation is to force them to do it. No more rally`s in D.C. , no more waving signs on bridges, no more standing on the sidewalks and yelling for cars to honk for support – those tactics have not and will not work, the enemies of America have successfully used the media to label those activities as “extreme”. We are in a time when what is seen on the news is not questioned, it is simply taken as truth – why do you think you hav`nt heard anything from “occupy wall st.” in a long time? They were used to put the idea out that crowds waving signs are “extremists” – and it worked.

 We must join in simple tactics to force representatives and senators to do what they were sent to do. Use the organizations you already have, local tea party groups,9-12, your facebook friends, etc.

 Letters and calls to offices with the same two simple demands, we must begin personal visits to their offices, it is difficult to ignore five people – or 50, in your representatives office. Two simple demands, no signs, no theatrics, no funny hats, just simple statements – ” we require our representative to schedule open constituent meetings within the next 30 days ” and ” we require the representative to use ANY and ALL legal procedures to force the executive branch to act within the law” We must then show up at the meetings and demand that elected official do what they were sent to do – or be removed from office.

 We will have to do this repeatedly until they comply. It is not fun, it is not easy, but it IS our responsibility.

 We have to put aside all other issues we may have, if we do not force them to act lawfully and hold lawless actions to account, other issues will not matter.

 We have elected a congress that believes THEY are in power, we change that perception now, or we will never be a Constitutional Republic ever again.

 We have been lied to, mocked, stolen from and treated as though we can`t stop them.

 It WILL get worse unless we act now.

Join, or Die.

(C) Starznbarz photography DC



  1. Lonnie, the percentage of legitimate voters that show up at the polls tells us you`re correct about a portion of the population being willfully ignorant, the other portion of them are busy paying their bills – as well as the bills of a growing percentage of the population. I expect quite a few have become disgusted and just don`t participate, those are the folks that need to know they are NOT in the minority.

    I`m a big fan of T. Paine, it is exactly the way to inform people, or at least make them curious enough to look for themselves.

    I`ve hauled into Detroit in the 80`s – it was three gun city back then.

    I appreciate the comment, happy for the feedback.

  2. Nobody wants to be wrong. that’s why the majority are WILLFULLY IGNORANT. The once great city of Detroit is now, hands down, the raggediest, most economically in the contiguous United States. I know this empirically because I’ve been to every major city in the U.S.(truckin’).Detroit is a shining example of what 5 decades of democracy/socialism eventually get’s to. Probably most republicans don’t know this fact called… Detroit. You have to drive through there to really get this fact viscerally.
    The only way to reverse this trend is to penetrate the consciousness of these ignorant people one by one or Thomas Paines’ way, pamphleteering. Every chance I get I enlighten as to the consequences of socialism,using Detroit as a specific example. Sure sometimes I run into rabid folk, but I just leave them behind knowing that eventually their “ox will get gored” too and they’ll not know why.IGNORANCE IS OBLIVION NOT BLISS.

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