Republic” Liberty is a weight ”

Those four simple words, written by Matt Kibbe in his newest book, “Don`t  Hurt People and Don`t Take Their Stuff “  is the remedy the Founders recognized as the ultimate weapon in stopping a rogue government from imposing tyranny on a free people.

You see, we – you and I, are bound by the American blood soaked into the ground from Lexington to Kabul,  to not stand by while our Constitutional Republic is transformed into a wealthier version of Venezuela, or Cuba.

We have failed .


Liberty is a weight.

It requires effort to move a weight. We realized in 2008 that the weight of Liberty had been left just sitting there in the back of our thoughts while we played with our newest high tech toys and got much too comfortable allowing a  group of elected officials to swell up with the power they had been gathering for many years, a little here, a little there, then suddenly the weight was bearing down on us – oppressing us, and we began to push back just a little, yet not nearly enough.

The thing with weight is it will go, like water, along the path of least resistance. If the weight is on the top of a hill, it only takes a few people to start it rolling down the hill, once rolling it takes many more people to stop it and it is much more difficult to push it back up the hill.

The current administration, with the compliance of a congress made up of cowards and outright enemies of American Constitutional compliance, driven only by a lust for power, have concocted and implemented willful actions designed to remove the rightful power from the American people.

They have done this with a combination of the carrot and stick tactic, free money, food,housing,cell phones,healthcare, etc. and for those that have to pay for it and complain, public accusations of racism followed up by intimidation by the IRS and an astonishing level of domestic spying and citizen control backed up by threat of punishment of jail or economic ruin.

Between the “I`m owed all this free stuff for life” crowd and the “complacent by threat” citizens, now the rest have been labeled “extremists” by a bleating and treasonous media, a path of least resistance has been created, not to mention the number of Americans pushing the weight back up the hill has been diminished considerably – all by design.

Two things are absolute, the power hungry will eat from any table and Liberty is a weight.

Will you be at the table, or is the weight of Liberty more to your taste?



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