RepublicThe Founders footsteps are the Patriots path.

We`ve been here once before, we`ve been given the tools to insure this Republic, this unapologetic demand for Liberty, once won, is never surrendered – or usurped.

We have allowed our government – OUR employee`s, to put those tools on display to give the impression we still have them, they are showcased in a locked box we can see through, but not access. The tools are described by politicians with a lofty arrogance designed to convince us we still hold the power to wield the tools, yet the keys to the box have been buried under decades of political lust for power – look, but don`t touch, we, your leaders know what`s best.

We have been satisfied with the blankets and shiny glass once used to strip other Americans of their rights and Liberty.  Shame on us.

The Founders cut a path through the dense forest of tyranny, they cut it one step, one fight at a time. The footprints began with Americans gathering to talk about the storm they saw brewing, the wrongs they were enduring, it did not begin with a path to arms – ours should not either.

The Founders footsteps took them down a long path, beginning some 20 years before the culmination of events in 1776, we are obliged to follow their lead, to exhaust every option before we stand in the final footstep, the path that leads to the last tool we are obligated to use – the one that simply say`s  no more, it stops here and now.

We`re not there, the rule of law established and purchased with blood demands we act according to the standards and honor of the Americans that cut the path for us.

We have footsteps to follow on our path, until we can unite in our communities and with one voice, backed up with gathering at our representatives offices, homes and businesses to demand they enforce the law as written, demand they acknowledge they are simply employees and not authorized to act without the consent of their employers, until we can follow those first, tentative steps, we have no business following the rest of the path the Founders footsteps  lead to.

Our path differs from the Founders only in the speed of the tyranny being mounted against the Republic, that means if we continue to sit back and refuse to act , we lose the only established Constitutional Republic in the world – want to explain that to your children, your grandchildren? (assuming you are allowed to speak of Liberty by then)

We have witnessed attacks on this Republic in the last 10 years that have reversed 230 years of Liberty, all three branches of government are now very comfortable with ignoring written, settled law, publicly mocking the citizens of this Republic that would have them obey the law and imposing their radical communist / marxist / socialist agenda on the whole of the population.

Congress refuses to act as clearly instructed by the electorate, the executive branch publicly and proudly states it will do as it pleases, the judicial branch – the ones to whom the responsibility to guarantee Constitutional compliance of the other two, simply creates new meanings of clearly written law, or establishes rights not theirs to give.

WE are the rule of law, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to require our representatives  strictly adhere to it – we have shirked our responsibility and we are seeing the results of it.

Now is the time to find the folks around you that will stand, they are out there. Find them, join them and stand in the footsteps provided to you. It is your responsibility.

The Founders footsteps are the Patriots path. Will we follow those honorable footsteps, or are we content to let the forest of tyranny grow over the path to Liberty?

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