Are We A Nation Divided?

RepublicWe`re not.  We are a Constitutional Republic under attack by a very small minority with a very big voice and a communist agenda.

The hosts of the Sunday shows continue the “learned panel” discussions of why America is off the rails, shockingly, it has only happened since Trump was elected… off with his head!

The media elite breathlessly describe the alarmingly wide gulf that separates the political parties in America, they never miss an opportunity to give the democrats an open microphone to tell their story – and it IS a story. The smallest sliver of actual events is then inflated with the hot air of liars and opportunists to create an epidemic of outrage that they are convinced will take out the guy that had the temerity to slay the dragon.

It does`nt matter what`s right, what`s Constitutional, what matters is what they can make you believe, what outright lies they can get to go viral, they know most of their base is too lazy and unwilling to know the facts, too shallow to even want to know the facts.

Need a couple examples? “Hands up, don`t shoot”, an out  and out fabrication, a documented lie that to this day can be witnessed at any given “protest”.

“The Russians hacked the election” A lie easily disproved by simply watching congressional hearing clips on Youtube, yet, as of this morning, no media professional will utter the easiest follow up question to the leftists that include it in every media opportunity – “can you show ANY evidence that any vote was changed, any voting machine compromised”  Care to guess why that obvious question isn`t asked?

We`re not a Nation divided, we are a Nation that has finally had a bellyfull of politicians lying straight to our faces, finally had our fill of the folks we send to represent OUR views, not theirs, doing exactly as they choose, with NO REGARD to what they have been instructed to do with the power we loan them.

We, as a Nation have had enough of the law being selectively enforced, Trump has it exactly right when he asked, why there were no consequences to Hillary Clintons statutory crimes regarding e-mails and private servers,  not even a hearing regarding the sleazy actions taken to make sure Sanders did not get the nomination.

There are many other documented instances of illegal, unethical behavior beginning with the govt. takeover of General Motors to the deliberate lie of obamacare and many more documented illegal actions taken by Obama related to obamacare.

The vast majority of Americans (go ahead and challenge me on that point, but look at a voting map first) saw what the democrat party would do with complete power and they showed their outrage by removing democrats from office in historic numbers beginning in 2010 and finishing the process in 2016.

The problem that majority of voters now have, is the entrenched republicans, now faced with having full power they had asked for, realized a problem, most of them agreed with and supported most of what the democrats had been doing since 2008 and now had to figure out how to not do what they had been saying they would do for many years.

The proof of this?  A bill to fully repeal obamacare had been sent to Obama six times, never to be signed, something everyone knew up front. Now, faced with a different president, one that just might sign it, they refused to even submit the bill to Trump and proceeded to write a bill that simply renamed the provisions that most Americans were outraged about, now, the senate, in it`s wisdom has adopted the democrats wildly popular tactic of” write it in secret, vote on then tell everyone” Great plan.

Here`s how I judge the “protests” that are driving the media to proclaim we are a “Nation divided” – look up the “tea party”, “conservative”, or “right wing” protest news clips from 2008 through 2016, read the signs being held up by Americans.

Now, do the same for the signs you see at “protests” since Trump was elected, the signs from both groups have a stark difference, one side is demanding  govt.  adhere to and enforce existing, legitimate Constitutional law, the other group are demanding the laws be broken, be it immigration law, or forcibly taking property from one citizen to be given to another citizen (as well as non citizens) – key word, forcibly. Who do you think is asking for laws to be enforced and who is demanding laws be ignored?

Simply put, Obama, with full support of the national media and the democrat party had an orgy of ignoring the law and taking from one to give to another, while lecturing us about how bad America was and is. The socialist / marxist / communist / islamist fringe that ARE THE BASE of the democrat party woke up the morning after the election and realized the utopian pipe dream was over. They are now throwing a national tantrum – and their party representatives are proving they NEVER had respect for the Americans they piously claim to represent.


Politicians from both parties, with very few exceptions, are liars and opportunists, the only Constitutional solution is term limits, if your senator, or representative does not agree, they are the problem, not interested in promoting America, but only themselves.

We`re not a Nation divided, we are a Nation pissed – and rightfully so.







Are We A Nation Divided? — 2 Comments

  1. This is a superb article. So very true. I am one of the pissed, and rightfully so.

    Go to and look at the scores of our politicians. They mostly have Fs. All of the Democrats have an F, and a large majority of the republicans have Fs and Ds. That is what has happened to our country. Very few Republicans have As and Bs. The Cs are questionable. They look out for themselves — not us.

    Time for a new party. Let’s take the As and Bs (and whatever Cs agree with our agenda) and form a new party. Let’s do it before it’s too late, and we no longer have a Constitution or a country!

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