USAThe Nation, well, half of it, has come together in a very short period of time to condemn, boycott and call for everything from firing to firing squad for the ungrateful, uninformed athletes that are falling over themselves in the rush to present a glaring example of slow motion suicide.

I wish them success in their endeavor.  NFL, what can I say – great long term business plan…

What I do not understand is the thought process of these Americans that are so upset at these players, I mean the players, owners and NFL conglomerate (tax exempt, you know) are just showing their contempt for America, our Flag and all those that bled to keep us free.

I don`t understand why we`re all so damn mad at them, I don`t understand why a National boycott movement has sprung up seemingly overnight, it is sure to have a very quick – and devastating effect on the athletic rocket scientists mentioned above.

I don`t understand it because national media conglomerates ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.  have been doing the EXACT SAME THING to us for decades. We give them our money to do it, we go to the theme parks, we subscribe to the movie channels, we buy thousands of their products every day – they are not just TV companies, look up what other companies just the 3 networks actually own.

We know that MSM has been making a deliberate effort to nullify legitimate elections simply because they don`t like the candidates core beliefs. If someone is running for office based on Constitutional rule of law, they are lied about, demonized, mocked and “investigated” continually. On the other hand, if the candidate is the second coming (of karl Marx) to them, as we observed during the Obama years, outright illegal activity in office is simply ignored.

So, I don`t understand why Americans are seriously pissed and taking immediate actions against the NFL, yet willing to live with and pay hundreds of millions to the MSM for doing the same thing to America.

Don`t we understand the power we have?  Don`t we understand we get what we allow?

This will not fix itself.  MSM is Americas foremost enemy, not some idiot athlete. How about we take a run at them?




    • If you are under the impression that I have any connection with, or any sympathy for the MSM, I would suggest you read the other articles I have written here. This site was created to be in direct opposition to the treasonous actions of the national media and their refusal to report facts that show Americans what the progressive (communist) left is all about. Read the sentence at the top of our home page, it`s why we`re here. Thanks for the read, comments are always welcome.

  1. WHY dont you understand ?
    WE, the PEOPLE, have EXPECTED the liberal media to be one-sided. LONG gone are the likes of Walter Cronkite.
    What we DIDNT expect, is this behavior from the (former) macho patriotic theme of the NFL. THIS is NEW ! …and we dont LIKE it.

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