N. Korea is again in the news – we feel it is in the public interest to re-publish this story…….JUNE 2012 : There have been reports that American military units have parachuted into N. Korea on clandestine missions to verify and map hundreds of tunnels that have been dug by the communist regime to hide many of their programs from satellite views.

There have been reports that at least four tunnels lead from N.Korea to S. Korea

The American military command has stated that the story of Americans parachuting into N.Korea are false, and quotes have been taken out of context.

This part of the story from inside N.Korea has not been widely reported :

In a related story out of Kaesong, N.Korea : twelve persons and a mule were killed today at what N. Korean authorities described as “not a tunnel”, a spokesman for the super duper commander of all eternity, Sum Yung Dumy, said that the twelve (and the mule) were shot in the mistaken belief they were American spies, he related that the mule had become entangled in the tent the twelve had been living in, giving it the appearance of a parachute, the twelve were apparently severely bloated from malnourishment and that the commander, from a distance, believed them to be “too well fed” to be N. Koreans – and shot them. N. Korea has issued a demand for an apology from the “great enemy of the people” (us) as well as a demand for 400 million dollars(and one mule) in payment for the ” treachery of America” for forcing them to be on alert . President Obama is said to have offered a heartfelt apology, 500 million and access to all the food in the Solyndra vending machines. N Korea declined the food, saying ” the machines only take Euros – we`re not THAT stupid”

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