The “old guard”, mainstream media sources are refusing to fulfill the responsibility that comes with Constitutional protection.  The biased reporting and refusal to inform the American people of facts required to make an informed decision is indefensible. They are a threat to the well being and security of the Country, citizens and Constitution that protects them.

  We will bring you news from many sources, about many subjects. Our opinion posts will not hesitate to bring attention to government and societal issues that don`t seem to get much attention. We will be posting contact info for media outlets and elected officials so you can let them know what you think.

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4th ESTATE MEDIA — 6 Comments

  1. My question is: is this real for as you say the MSM media refuses to report such outrageous XO’s?
    Usually a ex. Order is accompanied by the number, is there one?

    • Laura, as stated at the bottom of the post, it is a fictional EO. The point of the article is to inform the reader what this president has already done with no consequence, who he has surrounded himself with and to ask themselves where it will end. It is a fictional example of what can happen when a lawful people allow the government to act in an unlawful manner. Thanks for signing up for alerts, I hope you enjoy the other articles here – and be sure to tell your friends to take a look. Our facebook page is updated with news we find interesting everyday, link here: https://www.facebook.com/TampaBayMedia?ref=hl

  2. How very encouraging that there is someone paying attention to the mechanizations of today’s government and media. There is a great difference between those that would simply rant their opinion or political bend and those that would ask people to decide for themselves. I intend to share this site with as many folks as I possibly can. Take heart, we are not all asleep.

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